How good is the restored El Capitan




On this page you can view a four-and-a-half minute trailer of the restored film with scenes from the start of the clmb, and the famous "stoveleg" pendulum, one of the first crux moves on the climb...


Depending on the size of your monitor or screen you may want to click the full-screen icon at the lower right. But remember that this internet video clip has only a fraction of the resolution of the actual restored film.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Then,  below and to the right, , you can take a look at several frames from the restored film, in a "before" and "after" comparison.


On the left, the color of the original film has faded toward a muddy brown, as if a dull fog covered the image.


To the right, we see the same frame, with the color, contrast and sharpness completely restored in the new digital version.


But what we can't show you in these small-sized web images, are the hundreds of scratches in the old film emulsion that have been patiently and carefully removed, frame by frame, so that the entire film is simply spectacular. Especially when viewed on a large, modern, high-definition TV screen—and even more so, when  viewed through a Blu-Ray player.


El Capitan, the film

A Short Trailer—

Scenes from El Capitan


Play the video clip below to get a taste of the unique images and action of this stunning hour-long documentary. The nitty-gritty rock-climbing experience in a setting of unique grandeur—the vertical granite desert of Yosemite Valley's tallest cliff, 3,000-foot-hgh El Capitan...



Before & After

Digitally restoring a classic film

The faded and scratched film

before restoration

The same scenes, with color and

details digitally restored

Produced by Fred Padula Photography + Film


Distributed by Western Eye Press